About us - The Azad Shiksha Samiti

Who we are

We are a team of change-makers who believe that every person deserve happiness in life!

The Azad Shiksha Samiti is a Non-Profit Charitable Organization situated in Bhiwani, Haryana. We provide various services to uplift the public, remove various evils and educate people on the various topics which will help them to live a better life. We are focused on service every stratum of needy people with our range of services. Our non-profit organization is specially dedicated to providing all necessary educational and vocational pieces of training which will help people lead a well-established life.

The Azad Shiksha Samiti is an organization run with the help of volunteers working with their hearts to make this world a happy place to live in. We work relentlessly with the help of various government bodies and organizations in providing quality life to every need person present in Haryana. The Azad Shiksha Samiti is a family where we welcome all who want and who need our help with an open heart.

Our approach

Our Mission
We live with a mission to make society a healthy place for all without distinguishing any individual.

Our organization work with a mission of making society a healthy place to live in. We try to achieve our mission by providing the best life to every needy person present in India with good quality of life, education and training and also by eliminating various social evils present in our society through our awareness campiagness,

Our Vision
We want to build a society where all can live peacefully with love, where people know how to help the needy

Our entire team at Azad Sikhsha Samiti dreams of a society where all individuals know their roles and responsibilities. We want to establish a society where people help the needy to come up from their dark life to the bright life filled with end number of opportunities all across them.

Our numbers that speak

Each of our services pushes us forward to give our best in making our society a healthy and happy society. We are a happy family of volunteers who are growing their presence with a noble cause.

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